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Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Queuing Up Three Additional Stores in Northern California For Early-to-Mid 2011 Openings

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Northern California Market Region Special Report

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is queuing three more stores in Northern California for an early-to-mid 2011 opening, Fresh & Easy Buzz has learned.

The three stores and their locations are:

>Pleasanton - Santa Rita Road & Rosewood Drive
>Hayward - Mission Boulevard & Rousseau Street
>San Jose - Saratoga Avenue & Payne Avenue

All three of the stores are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pleasanton and Hayward are in the East Bay Area; San Jose is in the South Bay Area.

Tesco has had the Hayward location since 2007 and the Pleasanton store site since late 2008-early-2009. The San Jose unit was obtained this year.

As we've previously reported, Tesco's Fresh & Easy currently has 11 units in the queue to be opened in Northern California in the first quarter of 2011.

The 11 stores are:

>San Francisco - Third Street & Carroll Avenue
>San Jose - Bird Avenue & Minnesota Avenue
>Danville - Diablo Boulevard & Highway 680
>Pacifica - Cabrillo Highway & Linda Mar Boulevard
>Vacaville - Elmira Road & Nut Tree Road
>Modesto - Oakdale Road & Lancey Drive
>Walnut Creek - Ygnacio Valley Road & San Carlos Drive
>Concord - Clayton Road & Ygnacio Valley Road
>Napa - Jefferson Street & Imola Avenue
>San Francisco - 32nd Avenue and Clement Street
>Sunnyvale - Tasman Drive and Fair Oaks Avenue

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has publicly announced the first eight of the 11 stores listed above, saying in August, 2010 that it would be opening the units in Northern California in early 2011. [See - August 21, 2010: April 2010 Prediction Correct: February 2011 Target to Open First Eight Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Stores in Northern California and August 19, 2010: Tesco Will Open its First Eight Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Stores in Northern California in 'Early 2011.']

Our reporting on the additional three stores (out of the 11) is based on information we obtained from multiple sources.

The three units - Napa, San Francisco (32nd & Clement) and Sunnyvale - are, like the other eight, currently set by Tesco's Fresh & Easy to be opened before the end of the first quarter of 2011, according to our sources and research. We stress that the time-frame is based on our current information. Tesco is known for delaying openings, particularly in Northern California, where the first batch of the 37 stores announced in January 2008 was originally set to be opened in early 2009.

We've reported on and written about all three of the latest stores focused on in this piece - Pleasanton (Santa Rita Road & Rosewood Drive), Hayward (Mission Boulevard & Rousseau Street) and San Jose (Saratoga & Payne), in Fresh & Easy Buzz.

The Hayward store at Mission Boulevard & Rousseau Street is one of the original 37 Fresh & Easy units - 19 in the Sacramento Metro region and 18 in the San Francisco Bay Area - that Tesco announced in early 2008. Its one of two stores Tesco announced at the time for Hayward. [See our Northern California Fresh & Easy Store List. Also: January 30, 2008: Fresh & Easy Goes On the Record: Announces 18 Northern California Stores in the Bay Area.]

We first reported on the future Pleasanton unit at Santa Rita Drive & Rosewood Drive, in the Rose Pavilion Shopping Center, in a January 24, 2008 piece: Fresh & Easy Locking-Up Leases For Northern California Invasion.

Additionally, on April 19, 2009 we reported on and detailed Tesco's plans to open a Fresh & Easy market at the location in Pleasanton in this story: Tesco's Fresh & Easy Signs Lease For New Store in Pleasanton, CA; We Reported 15 Months Ago the SF Bay Area City Was in its Strategic Sites.

The Saratoga Avenue & Payne Avenue (1328 Saratoga Avenue) future Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market unit in San Jose is one of Tesco's most recently obtained Northern California Fresh and Easy store locations, as we reported in this September 22, 2010 piece: Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Planning A New, Third Store in San Jose, California.

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is gearing up to make the first half of 2011 a California-focused new store-opening period.

For example, in addition to launching into Northern California early next year as we've detailed, Tesco's Fresh & Easy is opening 10 new stores in Southern California in the first quarter of 2011, as we first reported in mid-October 2010. [See our story from yesterday - November 4, 2010: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Confirms Our October Reports On 10 New Stores Opening in Early 2011.

Additionally, the fresh food and grocery chain continues to lock up future Fresh & easy store sites in the Northern California region, including the six locations we've reported on from May-November of this year, which are featured in the stories linked below:

Meanwhile, Tesco has closed its 13 under-performing Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market stores - six each in Metro Los Vegas, Nevada and in Metro Phoenix, Arizona; and one in Southern California - it announced it was shuttering on October 5, 2010. [See 13 Closing Fresh & Easy Stores List for the addresses of the 13 closed units.]

There are now 155 Fresh & Easy stores located in California (Southern California and the Central Valley), Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, and Metro Las Vegas, Nevada. [Click here to see a breakdown by number of stores for each of the market regions.]

Linkage: 2010 'Northern California Market Region Special Report'

[Also: click here , here and here for a selection of past stories on Fresh & Easy and Northern Calfornia.]


Michael Sheena said...

What happened to the Mountain View F&E that was to be at Middlefield and Rengstorff?

Fresh & Easy Buzz said...

What do you mean by "What happened to it?" Please elaborate.

Michael Sheena said...

It's not on your list of 11 stores. Is it simply opening at a later date or have they canceled plans for that store?

Fresh & Easy Buzz said...

The Mountain View - Middlefield Road & Rengstorff store isn't one of the first batch opening in early 2011 - correct.

As far as we know at present Fresh & Easy plans to open it later on.

It's on our list at the top of the blog. See: Northern California Fresh & Easy Store List.

Anonymous said...

Hi, any plans for a store in Fremont, CA?

Fresh & Easy Buzz said...

Anonymous said...
Hi, any plans for a store in Fremont, CA?

January 10, 2011 10:41 PM


based on our research and reporting, Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market does not currently have any store locations planned for Fremont. Closes is Hayward and San Jose. But that could change.

Also, see our Northern California store list at the top of the blog.