Monday, September 20, 2010

About Today's Walmart Stores, Inc. Smaller Stores Media Frenzy: We Scooped it On July 6, 2010

Fresh & Easy Buzz

July 6, 2010:
Walmart Looking for Store Sites in Northern California For 20,000 Sq-Ft Neighborhood Market by Walmart Prototype Store [Additional regions and cities mentioned in our piece.]


Financial Times
September 19, 2010:
Walmart lines up sites for smaller stores

Wall Street Journal
September 19, 2010:
Wal-Mart Scouting Sites For Smaller US Stores - Report

Associated Press
September 20, 2010:
Wal-Mart to make a big push into urban markets

San Francisco ChronicleLink
September 21, 2010
Walmart sets sights on San Francisco

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In the coming days, Fresh & Easy Buzz will have more to come about Walmart's smaller-format, smaller-store plans, leading up to the retailer's plans to offer more details in October at its anlaysts' meeting.

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Damien said...

My prediction - Walmart will partner with Lidl to develop small-store concept knowing that ALDI is making noises in the uber-competitive DFW metroplex.

Lidl and ALDI were able to compete one another well in Europe.

Otherwise, Walmart is stuck with its brand being SUPER and CHEAP, not think small and buy more (borrowing from ALDI's mentality).

SoCal FoodBroker said...


Walmart already has a variety of smaller-format store plans of its own, like those in the link Fresh & Easy Buzz has in this post we are commenting on. So, would suggest about a 1% chance it would partner with Lidl. It's not a bad idea though.

I do hear Lidl is coming to the U.S. in 2012 though.