Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Bird in the Hand: Buy-A-Turkey, Give-A-Turkey on Fresh & Easy's Dime For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the most food and family-focused of all American holidays, is a mere two weeks away. And although it's redundant for us to tell you - because we all know it without being told: Times are tough.

Something else we all know is that the times are currently tougher for some of us than they are for others.

With this information and the spirit of Thanksgiving in mind, if you shop at one of the 155 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market stores in California, Nevada and Arizona, and if times aren't as tough for you as they might be for others, here's an idea we're calling: 'Buy A Turkey, Give A Turkey on Fresh & Easy's Dime for Thanksgiving.' Feel free to join in, either in practice or spirit.

'Buy A Turkey, Give A Turkey on Fresh & Easy's Dime for Thanksgiving': How it works in 4 Easy Steps

Numbers 1 and 2 provide background information you will need. Number 3 is the action step. Number 4 is the reward for your efforts:

Step 1. Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market currently has Jennie-O Turkey Store brand whole frozen turkeys on sale for 37 cents a pound, which is a very good promotional price. In fact, based on the current market, we suspect it's a loss-leader item (or very close to it) for the grocery chain, which means Fresh & Easy is offering the birds for its cost or close to it. There's a limit of two whole turkeys per-customer. View the ad item here in Fresh & Easy's November 10-16, 2010 weekly advertising circular.

Step 2. Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market also has a store coupon good for $5-off purchases of $20 or more currently available. The coupon is good all month; from November 1-30, 2010. You can obtain/download the $5 off coupon here.

'Buy A Turkey, Give A Turkey on Fresh & Easy's Dime for Thanksgiving': Time to Shop

Step 3. Armed with the information above, and your $5-off coupon, buy two frozen Jennie-O turkeys at a Fresh & Easy store for 37 cents a pound. The birds range in size from 10 -to- 22 pounds each.

Bird One: Buy whatever size turkey you want for yourself. Bird Two: Then make the second turkey you buy a 10-14 pounder. A 13 pound Jennie O Turkey will run $4.81.

Free Bird: The $5-off $20 Fresh & Easy store coupon will pay for your second bird, which means you can give it to someone in need or donate it to your local food pantry or food bank.

Even if you buy a 22 pound bird for yourself and a 13 pound bird to donate (total cost of $12.95), it won't come to the full $20. You'll still have $7.05 to spent on whatever you want to reach a $20 total. But the 10-14 pound Jennie O frozen turkey you buy to donate won't cost you a dime. In fact, it will be on Fresh & Easy's dime that your local food pantry or food bank gets a whole turkey to give to someone in the community who might not have had one this Thansgiving without your effort, along with Fresh & Easy's hot deal and $5-off coupon.

Step 4. The last step is the most fun. give the turkey to a friend, neighbor or stranger in need. Or donate the free bird to your local food pantry or food bank, which are in need of holiday turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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Fresh & Easy Buzz said...

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is promoting Jennie-O frozen turkeys for 39-cents pound this year - as of Wednesday, November 16, which is two-cents a pound higher than last year.

Fresh & Easy came out with the Jennie-O frozen birds for 59-cents pound in its November 9 -to- November 15, 2011 weekly ad.

However, it slashed the per-pound price to 39-cents on November 16. The 39-cents per-pound price is good through Thanksgiving Day.