F&E Store Openings Q1 2012

November 8, 2011
First Quarter 2012 planned Fresh & Easy store openings

Below are 28 new stores in California being prepared by Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market for openings from January-March 2012. It's possible one, two or more of the 28 stores may not be opened in the January-March time-frame, due to a variety of reasons.

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market announced in a press release this month it plans to open two dozen-plus new stores from January-March 2012.

However, neither Tesco or its Fresh & Easy chain have to date announced the specific locations/addresses of the stores.

The release listed the cities but not the addresses. Obviously, the stores listed below as now being open constitute an announcement after the fact.

Fresh & Easy will announce the openings, in some instances, via press releases distributed to all media and posted on the web, and in other instances to selective media in the areas where the stores will be opened.

But you need not wait until then. We've identified the addresses of the 28 store locations in California through our reporting and research.

In addition to the 28 units in California we've identified and listed - give or take a couple perhaps as even the best hatched plans aren't 100% for any grocer - Tesco's Fresh & Easy is currently planning to open in the first three months of 2012, we've also listed some planned stores (in many cases planned for years) in metro Las Vegas, Nevada. Not all these units will open in the region this year.

Based on our reporting, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market will open one or more (but likely not more than two or three at best) new stores in Las Vegas in the January-March 2011 time period. When we identify the specific unit or units, we will update the list.

Below are the 28 new stores, all in California, Tesco and its Fresh & Easy chain are preparing for January-March 2011 openings.

Note: The seven (7) Southern California locations in italics are 'Fresh & Easy Express' units (3,000 square-feet). Below the California units are the six (6) locations in Las Vegas, as explained above.

Check back. We update this list regularly. Stores with numbers in red ( 1, 2, 4, ect.) are now open.

Southern California

1. Express: Laguna Niguel
Crown Valley Parkway and Golden
Opens February 1, 2012

2. Express: Hermosa Beach
Pacific Coast Highway And 8th Street
Opens January 11, 2012

3. Chula Vista
3rd Avenue and J Street
Opens March 21, 2012

4. Express: Burbank
Victory Boulevard and Buena Vista
Opens January 18, 2012

5. Santee
Mission Gorge and Cuyamaca
Opens January 18, 2012

6. Torrance
Hawthorn Boulevard and Carson Street
Opens February 8, 2012

7. Costa Mesa
Harbor Boulevard and Gisler Avenue
Opens January 22, 2012

8. Express: Los Angeles
Figueroa Street and Jefferson Boulevard
Opens February 15, 2012

9. Express: Los Angeles/San Pedro
Sixth and Gaffey Streets

10. Los Angeles
Canyon Avenue and Sherman

11. Express: Garden Grove
Valley View Street and Lampson Avenue
Opens February 22, 2012

12. Moorpark
Los Angeles and Moorpark

13. Granada Hills
Balboa Boulevard and Millwood
Opens February 22, 2012

14. Santa Barbara
Downtown: 336 North Milpas Street
Opens June 13, 2012

15. Express: Seal Beach
800 Pacific Coast Highway
Opens February 29, 2012

Central California Coast

16. San Luis Obispo -
South Street and Broad Street
Opens February 8, 2012

Northern California

South Coast

17. Monterey
2020 Del Monte Avenue

San Francisco Bay Area

18. Brentwood
Balfour Road and Fairview Avenue
Opens January 11, 2012

19. San Francisco
Silver and Goettinggen
Opens February 1, 2012

20. Mountain View -
 North Rengstorft and Middlefield Road
Opens January 11, 2012

21. Antioch
Lone Tree Way and Gold Course Drive
Opens March 28, 2012

22. San Jose
Holger and First Street
(Downtown San Jose, near Safeway's 'The Market' store)
Opens March 28, 2012

Sacramento Region

23. Sacramento
34th Street and Broadway

24. Sacramento
Watt Avenue & El Camino Avenue
Opens March 7, 2012

25. Sacramento
Mack Road and Franklin Boulevard
Opens March 7, 2012

26. Lincoln
Lincoln and Sterling Road
Opens March 14, 2012

27. Elk Grove
Elk Grove Florin Road and Calvine Road
Opens March 14, 2012

28. Folsom
East Natoma Street and Blue Ravine Road
Opens March 14, 2012

Other potential January-March 2012 store openings - California

6353 Foothill Boulevard, west of Lowell Avenue
Opens March 21, 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada

Fresh & Easy has been planning on opening the stores (except the first one listed, which is new) at the locations listed below for a very long time.

The grocery chain said in the press release it plans to open "one or more" of the Las Vegas stores in the January-March 2012 time period.

Based on our reporting, we're looking for Fresh & Easy to open no more than one or two units in the region in the first quarter of 2012.

Below are the Fresh & Easy locations noted above, in metropolitan Las Vegas, Nevada:

4760 West Cactus Avenue. South Decatur Boulevard and West Cactus Avenue
Opens March 21, 2012

Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard, Las Vegas
Pecos and Owens, Las Vegas
Sunset Road and Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas
Tropicana Avenue and Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas
Boulder Highway and Russell Road, Las Vegas
Pecos Ridge Parkway and Eastern Avenue, Henderson

[Note: Editors, writers, bloggers: If you use the information we've obtained through our research and reporting listed above, we would appreciate a simple attribution to Fresh & Easy Buzz.]