Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No New Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Stores Likely This Month

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has yet to announce if it plans to open any new stores this month, June, 2010.

Fresh & Easy generally announces its new store openings at least three weeks prior to the opening dates. The lead time is needed to prepare for the store grand openings and to create awareness among shoppers via the media that a new store is set to open. In addition, the grocer seldom if ever opens new stores during the last week of a month. Therefore, unless its just merely late in announcing any June openings, it appears the grocer won't be opening any new stores in June, as was the case in May. [See - May 1, 2010: No New Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Stores Set to Open This Month]

There are 159 Fresh & Easy stores open and operating in the following market regions: Southern California, as far south as near the Mexican border; California's Central Valley (the Bakersfield and Fresno Metro regions); Metropolitan Las Vegas, Nevada; and Metro Phoenix, Arizona.

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market started calendar year 2010 off with a new store opening bang: It opened 11 new stores in April; three new Fresh & Easy units in March [March 7, 2010: Three New Fresh & Easy Stores Opening This Month; First Opening March 10 in Palm Springs, California]; nine in February [January 27, 2010: February New Store Opening 'Big Bang' For Tesco's Fresh & Easy; Nine New Stores So Far]; and five new stores in January, for a total of 28 new stores opened in the first four months of the 2010 calendar year.

In addition, for those readers with a fiscal year bent, Tesco's fiscal 2010-11 year began on February 28, 2010. Thus far in fiscal 2010/11 it's opened 14 (11 in April and three in March) new Fresh & Easy stores. The nine new stores in February were all opened before the February 27, 2010 end date for Tesco's 2009-10 fiscal year.

June is generally a good month for opening new grocery stores. School is getting out, which means moms stock up on additional food and related groceries. It's also still too early for most people to take their summer vacations and therefore, combined with the end of the school year. can be a smart time for grocers to open new stores.

One wonders why Tesco's Fresh & Easy would rush to open 11 new stores in April, then not open any in May, and likely none in June? Perhaps something big in brewing at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market corporate headquarters in El Segundo, California? Stay tuned.

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there will be no new stores opening until September