Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Fresh & Easy Clock Logo-Shaped Candies Are A Pretty Sweet Idea

Private Brands Showcase: Confections Category

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is introducing a new line of fresh & easy store brand fruit candies (pictured above) in the shape of its clock logo, which it features as part of its corporate logo on all of the "Fresh & Easy" signs on its 159 stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

The fresh & easy clock-shaped candies are set to be in the stores on July 7.

We don't yet know how the candies taste since they haven't hit store shelves yet - but we like the product concept, in large part because in addition to serving the primary role as a product in the confections category, the line has the potential, at least in concept since it's obviously too early to tell, to serve a secondary function as an incremental branding element for the Fresh & Easy brand, which the clock plays a central role, and should play a greater role, in.

We like dual elements in product design, when they make sense, here at Fresh & Easy Buzz. This one makes sense.

The clock has the potential to be a strong branding element for Fresh & Easy if marketed well, in our analysis.

Regarding the clock as branding element, here's a suggestion: Have a bunch of those temporary tatoos kids love so much made up in the F&E clock design. Give them out to children in the stores as premiums for various occasions like grand openings, special events, or just semi-regularly for fun. It's simple. But we think it would serve as a part (elements of that incrementalism) of a whole in terms of various and multiple tactics as part of an overall strategy to build the brand, using the clock as a key element.

And besides, who've been told that at least one, and perhaps more than one, member of the Tesco Fresh & Easy corporate family has an actual, not temporary, tattoo of the F&E clock on their body. That's what we call real "branding."

[Private Brands' showcase is a semi-regular feature of Fresh & Easy Buzz. In it we highlight various Fresh & Easy private brand - and private brands from other grocers - products: the good, the bad and the ugly, offering analysis and commentary on the brands, items and related aspects.]

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