Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Motor Home Nomads, Laurie & Odel, Visit and Review A Southern California Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Store In Yucaipa

On April Fool's Day, 2003, a couple named Laurie and Odel, along with their cat Luna, hooked their Jeep (which they've named Jules) to the back of their motor home (named Scoopy) and took off to explore North America.

According to the Blog, "Semi-True Tales Of Our Life On The Road," that the couple publishes to chronicle their travels, "Odel is the primary driver and vehicle master. Laurie is navigator and correspondent (the Blogger). And Luna is their feline companion and queen of all she surveys." "Come enjoy the ride with us", is their invitation to readers of the Blog.

Laurie and Odel, traveling North America by motor home now for five years, are currently staying at the Mission RV Park in Redlands, (Southern) California, visiting the southern portion of the Golden State until January 20, according to their latest Blog entry.

The Mission RV Park is near the Southern California city of Loma Linda, where Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market soon will open a new combination grocery and fresh foods Fresh & Easy market just a few blocks from the RV Park.

Laurie, who as she says is the couple's correspondent, says their curiosity was peaked about what a Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is when they saw the "Coming Soon" sign for the future store in Loma Linda near the RV Park where the freeway travelers are currently staying.

As a result, she says on December 6 they visited a Fresh & Easy market in nearby Yucaipa, which they had first spotted while going on a wet Thanksgiving Day hike nearby.

North American traveler and Blogger Laurie offers a review of the Yucaipa Fresh & Easy market in a recent post in the couple's Blog...she also offers some comments from husband Odel, the vehicle master who went shopping at the store with her.

In addition to being a freeway diva and Blogger, Laurie appears to be an accomplished "foodie," offering some tasty recipes on her Blog.

In her post about the Fresh & Easy store shopping trip her food knowledge also comes out as she describes how she approaches shopping. She's a good photographer as well, as the Fresh & Easy Yucaipa store collage picture she took (above), along with other photographs in the Blog, demonstrate.

Read what the co-road warrior and correspondent-in-chief half, Laurie, of the North American motor home traveling couple has to say about their first time visit to the Fresh & Easy market in Yucaipa, California here.

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