Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vox Populi: Let The People Speak: Fresh & Easy Vs. Trader Joe's On QVC: The TV Shopping Channel's Online Food Forum...Not Actually On TV

Fresh & Easy Buzz's Las Vegas, Nevada correspondent Vegas Mike tips the blog off to a discussion and debate currently going on at the online food forum on, the website of the popular television channel which features and sells all things food--plus just about everything else; from comedian Joan Rivers' faux jewelry to actress and author Suzanne Somers' "Thigh Master" thigh and buttocks-shaper.

The topic for the discussion is: Fresh & Easy vs. Trader Joe's...but like is always the case with online forums, most of the participants don't actually stick to the topic entirely, which is fine with us as long as they keep to it generally.

The discussion features a wide-variety of opinions about Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market small-format grocery stores, comments about Trader Joe's, and even Whole Foods Market, among other related offerings.

Here at Fresh & Easy Buzz we think online discussions such as this one not only are interesting...but are a good source of consumer research when aggregated and categorized as well.

After all, Vox Populi.

Thanks Vegas Mike.

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