Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out of His Compound and Hitting the Street; the 'Militant Angeleno' Shops and Reviews the Hollywood, California Fresh & Easy Grocery Store

Tesco's Hollywood, California Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market

Los Angeles native and blogger "Militant Angeleno" (MA) recently decided to come out from his fortified compound in an unspecified central Los Angeles neighborhood to visit and shop at a Tesco Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market grocery store for the very first time.

MA decided to make his virgin Fresh & Easy shopping trip to the Hollywood, California Fresh & Easy store, which is located on famous Hollywood Blvd., home of the walk of stars. The blogger says it's a quick trip from his central LA compound to the store via the city's Metro public transportation system.

"Militant Angeleno," who travels the city and chronicles his adventures in his blog, gave the Hollywood Fresh & Easy a complete going over--shopping it from stem-to-stern; from warehouse-style gondola shelf to the next one; from the fresh, prepared foods refrigerated case, to the pre-packaged produce department, and beyond.

The blogger has chronicled his virgin Fresh & Easy outing and shopping trip in his blog in a piece called: "Supermarket shopping sans soul."

Read what the "Militant Angeleno," urban adventurer and blogger, has to say in his comprehensive review of the Hollywood, California Tesco Fresh & Easy grocery store here.

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