Monday, June 2, 2008

Tesco PLC News: A Man and His Dog Fight Tesco Over Pet Insurance

Patrick Weston (standing behind his protest sign wearing the suit) protests Tesco's not paying for his dog Fred's leg surgery outside a local Tesco store in his community. Weston, 61, says it's his first time ever protesting anything, but vows to return again and again to the store and protest until Tesco agrees to pay for Fred's surgery. (Photo: Courtesy: Suffolk Free Press.)

Patrick Weston, a 61-year old British man suffering from cancer, might be ill himself but his main concern is his beloved dog and companion, three-year old Fred, his Rottweiler dog.

According to this piece in today's Suffolk (UK) Free Press newspaper, Fred ruptured the cruciate ligament in his right hind leg while chasing a rabbit through a field behind his--and owner Weston's--home in Twinstead, UK.

Being a responsible pet owner, Patrick Weston had a pet insurance policy for Fred through Tesco's Personal Finance and Insurance business division. [As we wrote in this May 31 piece, Tesco also is in the personal finance and insurance business in a big way in the UK, along with being the nation's leading retailer.]

Therefore, when Fred's veterinarian told Mr. Weston it would cost ~2,500 pounds to repair the Rottweiler's ruptured ligament in its right hind leg, the dog's adoring owner wasn't worried about the cost despite his own health problems and related expenses, since he assumed his Tesco pet insurance policy would pay for the surgery.

But that appears to not be the case.

Read what Patrick Weston is doing about Tesco's denial of his pet insurance claim for Fred's leg surgery here in the Suffolk Free Press.

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