Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Retail Store Eye Candy: 174 Photography Bloggers Shoot and Post About Their Favorite Retail Stores

On Sunday, June 1, 174 bloggers who publish photography-oriented blogs located throughout the world participated in a theme day called "My corner local shop," in which each one took a picture of their favorite retail store--many of which are food stores and supermarkets of various types--and posted photograph on their respective blogs with a brief note about the store and why it is their favorite retail store.

The stores range from large supermarkets and tiny corner grocery stores, to specialty shops of every kind, including specialty food, clothing, book stores and numerous other formats and types of stores.

The food and grocery industry publication Natural~Specialty Foods Memo has a piece on the "My corner local shop" photography blog theme day.

There are links to each of the 174 blogs in the Natural~Specialty Foods Memo piece. There's also a link to a central site where you can view thumbnail photographs of all 174 retail store pictures. (Just click on the thumbnail photo at that site and it takes you to the poster's blog.)

For those in the retail industry, as well as those in allied industries and people just interested in the variety of different retail formats, store sizes and related information regarding retail around the world, its a wonderful source of information. We call it "retail eye candy." It also was a great idea by the bloggers in our opinion.

Read the piece from Natural~Specialty Foods Memo here. You will see all the links to the various blogs that participated in the theme day in the piece, along with the link to the central blog which has all 174 photographs in the piece.

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