Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walmart Introduces 'Marketside' Brand Packaged Fresh-Baked Breads, Sub Rolls and Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Breaking Buzz: Private Brand Showcase

Walmart Stores, Inc. has introduced its line of 'Marketside' brand pre-packaged fresh-baked breads and submarine sandwich-style rolls, along with the first item, a 3.17 ounce Chocolate Chunk Cookie, in what will be a multi-item companion line of 'Marketside' packaged, ready-to-eat fresh baked goods.

The first items in the 'Marketside' fresh-baked bread line are:

Bread Loaves, 16 ounce packages:

>Roasted Garlic Artisian Loaf
>MultiGrain Boule
>Neo Tuscan Boule
>Combo Loaf
>Ciabatti Loaf
>Seeded Rye Loaf
>MultiGrain Loaf Bread
>Sourdough Loaf Bread
>Pumpernickel Loaf Bread

Sub Sandwich-Style Rolls, 16 Ounce Packages

>Seeded Rye Sub Rolls
>Sourdough Sub Rolls
>MultiGrain Sub Rolls
>Pumpernickel Sub Rolls

As mentioned, the Chocolate Chunk Cookie (pictured below) is currently the only item in the 'Marketside' private brand fresh baked goods line. But there are more SKUs to come soon.
We said Walmart would be introducing the 'Marketside' breads and baked goods "soon" in this March 31, 2010 piece: Walmart Adds Additional Marketside Fresh Food Items to Not Long After Our February Reports. They retailer has done so.

The new fresh-baked bread, sub roll and baked goods lines join Walmart's other 'Marketside' store brand packaged food items - fresh-prepared foods, take-and-bake pizza's, packaged produce and salsa, giving Walmart Stores, Inc. 'Marketside' "fresh" items in three categories: Deli, produce and bakery. [Click here for a selection of past stories about Walmart's 'Marketside' brand items in the fresh-prepared foods and produce categories.]

The 'Marketside' items - and the categories they're in - are very similar in style, ingredient profile and packaging to what Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has done with its fresh&easy brand, which it uses in all categories, including fresh-prepared foods/deli, and bakery.

Unlike Tesco's Fresh & Easy though, which is only able to sell the fresh&easy brand items in its 163 small-format stores in California, southern Nevada and Metro Phoenix, Arizona, Walmart is able to offer its 'Marketside' "fresh" items for sale in its thousands of supercenters (and some discount format stores) and Neighborhood Market supermarkets in the U.S., as well as in its four small-format 'marketside by Walmart' food and grocery stores in the suburban Phoenix, Arizona cities of Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler.

Walmart is currently developing additional 'Marketside' brand items in the fresh-prepared foods, pre-packaged produce and fresh bread/baked goods categories.

The mega-retailer is also rolling out the 'Marketside' store brand items to additional stores, such as the many recent discount format stores its been converting to hybrid supercenters.

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Connie said...

The cinnamon rolls with cram cheese icing are terrible. They're dry & hard. Obviously no yeast is used in the rolls. The bakery in the store used to bake these rolls themselves, which were delicious & I would buy 2 packages of them but I don't buy any baked goods that have the Marketside label any more.