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Upcoming New Markets News: Tesco's Fresh & Easy Confirms Bakersfield, CA Stores; Says First Two Will Open Next Month on December 3rd, 2008

Upcoming New Markets News: Central Valley, California - Bakersfield

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market announced today it will open the first of its thus far five confirmed stores in the Bakersfield, California Metropolitan region market on December 3, 2008, less than a month from today.

The two Fresh & Easy combination grocery and fresh foods markets set to open on December 3 will be in the city of Bakersfield. One store is at Olive Drive & Jewetta Avenue in the city, the other at Panama Lane & Stine Road.

Bakersfield is located in the southern portion of California's Central Valley

The two Bakersfield Fresh & Easy food and grocery markets will be the first California stores for the grocery chain outside of the Southern California market region.

Plans call for opening stores throughout the Central Valley, including the Fresno region north through Merced, Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Sacramento counties, and into the San Francisco Bay Area, as we reported and written about previously. [See the links at the bottom of this post for additional information.]

The other three confirmed Bakersfield Metropolitan region Fresh & Easy stores are at the following addresses in the following cities:

>Highway 46 & Griffith Avenue - Wasco, CA
>Brimhall Lane & Jewetta Avenue - Bakersfield, CA
>Cecil Avenue & High Street - Delano, CA

These three Fresh & Easy stores are set to open early next year.

Fresh & Easy Buzz first reported Tesco's Fresh & Easy would enter the Bakersfield region market and open stores there in this March 10, 2008 story: "Bakersfield, California Region Next Up On the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market New Store Parade."

Below are the five Bakersfield Metropolitan region Fresh & Easy store locations we reported on over eight months ago:

>Olive Drive and Jewetta Avenue, Bakersfield
>Brimhall Road and Jewetta Avenue, Bakersfield
>Panama Lane and Stine Road, Bakersfield
>Cecil Avenue and High Street, Delano
>Highway 46 and Griffith Avenue, Wasco

As you can see, we got all five locations right in March.

Today is the first time Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has publicly confirmed the five Bakersfield stores.

We also reported in our March 10, 2008 piece that "The first of the initial six Bakersfield region Fresh & Easy grocery stores could open as early as the end of this year."

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