Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Tasting of California Wines: Live Via Twitter

One of the 27 varieties of California-produced wines being tasted tonight at the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market event at the SmogShoppe is Barrel Ranch Cabernet. Barrel Ranch is one of the seven proprietary brands the grocer has launched. (See the story linked below for the others.) Here's how wine taster-eater-blogger-tweeter @Oakmonster, who took the photo above, scored the wine via a tweet on Twitter after tasting it a few minutes ago: "@fresh_and_easy barrel ranch cabernet. Chugability: easy to drink, fav of the evening. #fesmog." Fresh & Easy Buzz likes "Chugability" as an evaluative criteria. Perhaps it should be used in all wine tastings and competitions.

On Tuesday we reported that Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is this week introducing 27 new varieties of California wines under seven proprietary (or private) brands at its 167 fresh food and grocery stores in California, Nevada and Arizona. Read the story - March 8, 2011: Tesco's Fresh & Easy ♥'s California With 27 New Varieties of Proprietary Brand Wines From the Golden State.

On Wednesday, the PR department at Tesco's Fresh & Easy distributed a press release announcing the new California wines.

Tonight Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is holding a tasting of the 27 varieties of California wine at the SmogShoppe in Los Angeles/Culver City.

The SmogShoppe is a former automobile smog-check shop that's been turned into a 6,500 square-foot, solar powered, plant-filled indoor/outdoor event space. It even has a verticle garden. You can learn more about the space here.

Tesco's Fresh & Easy has invited a group of foodie and mom-oriented bloggers and Twitter-tweeters to the wine tasting this evening. The tasters are currently tweeting their impressions of the various California wines as they taste the 27 varieties one at a time.

You can view the taster-tweeters' wine note tweets in real time on Twitter here.

The tasters are being "dined" as well as "wined" by Tesco's Fresh & Easy, as evidenced by this tasty tweet from the @artmuse:

"@theartmuse: Beef & vegetable skewer, artichoke heart w goat cheese, shrimp ceviche, lobster ravioli #fesmog we approve. via TweetCaster."

The Lobster Ravioli (above) is one of the many foods the wine tasters are dining on right now. Photo live-tweeted by @dananner

And another taster, @OakMonster, appears to approve of the evening so far, tweeting: "@OakMonster @vianessa i approve of what is happening this evening." Word, girl. Word! #fesmog."

Numerous other tweets - all here in real time - suggest a pretty good time is being had by all.

We have just one editorial suggestion for the tasters - designated drivers please.


OakMonster said...

Hah! Chugability Scale came up when we did the twitter tasting last year. :) Thanks @dananner for that too.

BTW - I misspelled @Vianessa when I did that tweet. Could you please change it to Vianessa with an "A" and not an "E"? Thank you!

Annette said...

You'll be happy to know that there was plenty of water, and food.

Amy Anderson said...

Had SUCH A GREAT TIME at the wine tasting. Posting a little blog of my own right now to share the good wine news!