Monday, October 13, 2008

Pacifica Riptide & Fresh & Easy Buzz Join Together to Offer Pacifica, California Citizen Opinions On the Fresh & Easy Store Coming to the City

On Tuesday, October 7, Fresh & Easy Buzz wrote and published this piece,"Fresh & Easy Corporate Reps to Meet With Pedro Point Pacifica, CA Neighborhood Residents to Address Concerns Over Store to Open in 2009," about a meeting scheduled on Thursday, October 9 between representatives of Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market and members of Pacifica, California's Pedro Point neighborhood. The meeting was sponsored by the Pedro Point Community Association.

A Fresh & Easy grocery market, pictured at the top of the page, is currently being built (located in a vacant building) in a new shopping center in Pacifica's Pedro Point neighborhood. The Fresh & Easy market is scheduled to open in 2009. [ In the photograph above is Pacifica Mayor Jim Vreeland looking over the Fresh & Easy store being built in the city. Mayor Vreeland happens to live in the Pedro Point neighborhood where the store will open in 2009.] [Photo credit: Pacifica Tribune.]

The meeting between the members of the Pedro Point Community Association and a representative of Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market was held on Thursday evening, October 9, as we previously reported. It was held at the Pedro Point Firehouse, a historic building in the city which is maintained by the neighborhood association.

John Maybury, the publisher and editor of the local, Pacifica-based, award-winning community Web site Pacifica, was kind enough to create a post for Fresh & Easy Buzz on the community Web site, asking residents of the coastal city located on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula about 12 miles from San Francisco to offer their comments about the small-format, convenience-oriented Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market grocery and fresh foods store coming to their city of about 40,000, as a follow up to our October 7 story about the meeting between the Pedro Point residents and Fresh & Easy representatives.

Below is the post from the Pacifica Riptide

Fresh & Easy Buzz is a blog with a wide readership: Fresh & Easy execs, Tesco execs in the U.K., Fresh & Easy store workers, people in the food and grocery industry globally, and consumers in general all over. Pacifica Riptide has been sharing local news with Buzz about Pacifica's new Fresh & Easy store now under construction in Pedro Point shopping center, so we would like to hear from you about the store, your impressions, your questions, etc. --John Maybury

Click here to read the current comments from residents of Pacifica, California at the Fresh & Easy Buzz Post at the Pacifica Riptide about the new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market store coming to their city in 2009.

We thank John Maybury, the Pacifica Riptide, and the residents of Pacifica.

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Anonymous said...

What about supporting local grocers though? There are at least three in town, and even Safeway is local because it is based in the Bay Area. It employes thousands at high wages and good benefits in the Bay Area.

Fresh & Easy is owned by Tesco of Britain. The profits made in the stores therefore not only will go out of Pacifica but out of the U.S. Something to think about. Would hate to see one or more of our local independents close when Fresh & Easy opens.

Anonymous said...

Still no Fresh & Easy open in Pacifica in all this time. The building sits empty.

We doubt if they will ever open at all at this point.