Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's 'eatwell' Brand Frozen Meals Take Center Stage In-Store This Week

Private Brand Showcase
Private brand in-store merchandising & promotion

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market doesn't merely want shoppers to "eat well" this week. It wants them to do so by buying, loading their home freezers with, and eating multiple packages of its 'eatwell' private brand frozen meals, which the grocer is promoting and displaying in end-cap, coffin-case freezer displays in all 156 of its Fresh & Easy markets in California, Nevada and Arizona this week.

As you can see in the photographs above and below, the freezer case displays feature large point-of-purchase signs touting the 'eatwell' frozen meals and the $1.49 unit promotional price point.

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, which is owned by United Kingdom-based Tesco, has been promoting its 'eatwell' brand aggressively since the first week of January. Such healthy foods' brand and item promotions are a common theme for grocers at the start of a new year. Think of the promotions as a "new year, get healthy" type of hook for food retailers, which taps into consumers' resolutions and other goals, which often includes eating more healthy foods.

This month, the grocer also introduced a number of new items under its 'eatwell' brand, which includes products in the fresh-prepared foods, dry grocery and frozen categories, as we reported and wrote about recently in these two stories - January 6, 2011: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Hopes 'eatwell' Makes For A Healthy 2011 and January 4, 2011 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Kicks Off 2011 With an Appeal to 'eatwell.'

Fresh & Easy Buzz was the first publication to report Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market was extending its 'eatwell' private brand into the dry grocery and frozen food categories, from fresh-prepared foods, last year. [See - August 2010 piece - August 18, 2010: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Extending 'eatwell' Healthy Foods' Private Brand Into Dry Grocery Category. Also - September 10, 2010: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Extending its 'eatwell' Healthy Foods' Brand Into Frozen Food Category and September 27, 2010 - First Items in Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's 'eatwell' Brand Frozen Foods Line Arriving in Store Freezer Cases This Week.]

Tesco's Fresh & Easy is focusing big on 'eatwell' frozen for January and into February. Along with the large and colorful in-store displays, the grocery chain is advertising the 'eatwell' frozen meals this week in its weekly advertising circular, for $1.49 each. The $1.49 promotional price began on January 12 and runs until February 11, 2011. The items sell for $1.99 regularly. [See - January 18, 2011: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Launches 'Extra-Low Every Day Low Price' Merchandising Program.]

The conclusion to the big 'eatwell' frozen case in-store displays and advertised promotion: Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market obviously doesn't merely want shoppers to "eat well" - it wants them to buy, stock their freezers with and eat lots of 'eatwell' private brand frozen meals.
[The photos at top were taken this week by a Fresh & Easy Buzz correspondent.]

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