Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vox Populi: The People Speak: A Rose (By Any Other Name) Gives Props to A Fresh & Easy Store

Rose, a single, professional woman who lives in Phoenix, Arizona and works as a project administrator in the construction industry, looks to us like the kind of customer--and potential Fresh & Easy booster--Tesco should nurture.

Not only is Rose, who also writes a blog called A Rose By Any Other Name, a professional woman in an industry that's dominated by men, she also returned to college as an adult to complete her BA degree, which she finished in 2005. Now she is completing her Masters Degree, in addition to working full-time. [Read more about Rose here.]

We don't know Rose personally. But we can tell by her bio on the blog she is a busy, time-pressed woman. Rose also is a great demographic for a food retailer--well-educated, professional, literate (writes her own blog), a homeowner (she says she bought a new home in 2007) and well-traveled; she's lived all over the U.S. in her lifetime.

Rose also likes the Fresh & Easy store she recently visited for the first time last night in the Phoenix, Arizona area where she lives.

Rose says overall she was impressed with what she saw and that is reminded her of "the old neighborhood markets that I went to as a kid."

We've wrote enough though...read what Rose writes about her shopping trip to the Fresh & Easy store in the Phoenix area last night here.

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