Saturday, March 8, 2008

Vox Populi!: The People Speak: California Wiz Kids' Likes Fresh & Easy in Arcadia, California

The California Wiz Kids (CWK) is a family-owned and operated preschool and kindergarten in West Los Angeles, California. The goal of CWK is to send its young students on to their next educational challenges with the knowledge and confidence gained by preparation and practice, tempered with encouragement and kindness.

California Whiz Kids' says everyone, especially parents, are on the hunt for fresh, safe, nutritional foods for their families.

The Chief Whiz Kid says she thinks she has found these types of foods--and more--at the Fresh & Easy grocery store where she's been shopping at in Arcadia, California. And, she has her mother to thank, as that's who she says introduced her to the store.

Read what the Whiz Kid-In-Chief thinks about that store. Her opinions, review and evaluations are here.

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