Saturday, October 23, 2010

Look Out California Happy Cows, A UK Dairy Farm is 'Rapping' About its Contented Cows and the Organic Milk They Produce

'Yeo... Wassup at Yeo Valley?'

The fun, humorous and effective Happy Cow videos and television commercials produced for California dairy farmers just got some serious competition from an organic dairy farm - Yeo Valley Organic - in the United Kingdom.

Yeo Valley Organic, an innovative and sustainable family-owned organic dairy farm and company in England's West Country, has released the world's first rap music video about an organic dairy farm and its organic dairy products - milk, creams, yogurt, fruit compotes, butter, cheese and ice cream.

Since rap was invented in California - west coast - and New York - east coast - now that across the pond Yeo Valley Organic has pioneered the rap genre for milk, we wonder if we'll soon see a rapping

Yeo Valley Organic's milk and organic other dairy products are know for their high quality among British retailers and consumers, and the company's environmental standards are high. Their motto: 'Live in Harmony.' And they refer to the dairy cows as friends.

The rap video, "Yeo Boyz," was shot in...where else, "Yeo Valley."

It stars three hard- working "yeomen" and one "yoewomen," all workers at Yeo Valley Organic.

The video is professionally produced by Canadian rap video director Julien Lutz, who's also known as "Little X."

Lutz says "Yeo Boyz" is the first time he's worked with farmers. See this behind-the-music video in which "Little X" talks about the making of the first ode to organic dairy farming and milk. Producing a rap video, particularly with first-timers, is...well, "yoemen's work." But Lutz has done it well.

We think doing the rap video was an utterly great idea. It's very well done, fun and different. We hope Yeo Valley Organic "milks" it for all it's worth.

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