Friday, October 1, 2010

Ready-to-Wear Branding: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Store Employees Sporting Spiffy New Work Shirts

The new 'eatwell' private brand frozen food items we recently reported on [September 27, 2010: First Items in Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's 'eatwell' Brand Frozen Foods Line Arriving in Store Freezer Cases This Week] weren't the only "brand new things" to hit Tesco's 168 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market stores in California, Nevada and Arizona this week.

There's more "new" in-store - and it has a human element. This week Fresh & Easy Buzz spotted some Fresh & Easy store employees wearing the spiffy new work shirts pictured at top.

We're told most Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market store workers were issued the new work shirts, in the grocer's green and off-white colors, and including the Fresh & Easy clock logo, this week. Looking good.

While products like the grocer's 'fresh&easy' and 'eatwell' private or store brands and the Fresh & Easy work shirts differ in kind - products compared to work apparel - they share an intended similarity - both are part of the fresh food and grocery chain's branding efforts. Notice the clock on the shirts, which is also on nearly everything Tesco's Fresh & Easy brands, from its logo to its exterior store signs, for example.

And speaking of the Fresh & Easy clock, not that they need it...but having it on the work shirts might also serve as a good subliminal reminder for the store workers to always show up to work on time.

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