Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tesco's Fresh & Easy to Launch New 'EatWell' Brand Lower-Sodium, Fewer-Calorie Prepared Foods Line

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is preparing to launch a new line of fresh, prepared foods items under the EatWell brand, Fresh & Easy Buzz has learned.

Fresh & Easy is previewing the new prepared foods line to a pre-selected group of people this evening at its Southern California headquarters.

The new EatWell brand and line differs primarily from the grocer's current Fresh & Easy brand of prepared foods items in that it has less sodium and fewer calories than the grocer's current fresh, prepared foods items do.

The primary product focus of the new brand and line is on ready-to-heat prepared meals and side dishes, or as Fresh & Easy refers to them in the British vernacular, ready-meals.

If the EatWell fresh, prepared foods line does well, Tesco's Fresh & Easy could extend the brand into other product and store categories.

Interestingly, as a brand name EatWell has some British origins, just as Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, which is owned by United Kingdom-based Tesco, does.

The United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency, the British version of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), uses "Eat Well, Be Well," as its official brand name or tag line, as you can see on its Web Site here. In fact, the Web site name itself is:

The British government's Food Standards Agency also publishes a graphic guide called "the eatwell plate" (pictured above), which depicts how much of what foods from each food group people should eat in order to achieve a healthy and balanced diet. Among the health guidelines offered include suggested caloric and sodium levels. (Double-click on the graphic to enlarge it.)

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