Friday, April 2, 2010

Fresh & Easy's New 'EatWell' Healthier Fresh, Prepared Foods Brand to Hit Stores on April 7

Yesterday, Fresh & Easy Buzz broke the news that Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is launching a new brand of healthier ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat fresh, prepared foods called EatWell. [Read our story - Thursday, April 1, 2010 Tesco's Fresh & Easy to Launch New 'Eat Well' Brand Lower-Sodium, Fewer-Calorie Prepared Foods Line.]

Fresh & Easy plans to launch the EatWell line in its stores on April 7.

Among the 17 varieties of ready-to-eat and heat prepared meals and sides in the new EatWell line include: Salads, like the Market Salad pictured at the bottom of the piece; and ethnic dishes, such as the Singapore Style Noodles, pictured at top; and the Latin Arroz Con Pollo meal, pictured below.

Most of the EatWell items will retail for about $3.99 and slightly below, accept for a couple of higher-end fresh salmon ready-meals - a 12 ounce Honey Dijon Salmon entree and a 12 ounce Teriyaki Salmon meal - which will sell for about $4.99 each.

The EatWell brand ready-meals and side-dishes contain less than 25% of the average daily requirement in fat, sodium, and calorie contents, based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet, according to the grocer.

In our report we noted Fresh & Easy was holding a preview and tasting of the line last night for a selected group of people. And the grocer did just that.

Many of the people attending the event last evening were personal bloggers, targeted by Fresh & Easy in the hope they will write about the event and the new EatWell fresh, prepared foods. Today, Tesco's Fresh & Easy is announcing the new fresh, prepared foods line on its feed.

One of those personal bloggers, Oakley Boren, who publishes the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market fan blog "Temple of Fresh & Easy," attended the EatWell brand preview and tasting last night at the grocer's headquarters in Southern California.

Today she published some photographs of the new EatWell line, along with additional pictures from the event, on her site.

Additionally, Fresh & Easy previewed some new Fresh & Easy brand food and grocery items at the event last night. There are a couple photographs of those new items on the site.

Click here to view the all photographs.

[Photo credit: Photos are courtesy of Oakmonster.]

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