Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walmart Launching New 'Marketside Fresh Garden Salsa' Line Under its Fast-Growing Fresh Foods Store Brand

Fresh, Prepared Foods Merchandising

In addition to the new Marketside fresh, ready-to-heat soup, prepared entree and value-added, pre-packaged fresh produce lines we reported on and wrote about in these to pieces on February 28 [Walmart Introducing New Ready-To-Heat Prepared Entrees, Fresh Soups Under its Marketside Brand and Walmart Launching New Value-Added Pre-Packaged Fresh Produce Line Under its Marketside Fresh Foods Brand], Walmart Stores, Inc. is spicing things up by launching a new line of Marketside store brand fresh salsa in seven varieties.

The product is called Marketside Fresh Garden Salsa.

The seven SKU's in the new line are: Mild, Medium and Hot; Chipotle Garlic; Sweet Onion; Mango Peach; and Black Bean & Corn

The salsa comes in 18 oz plastic tubs, as you can see in the photograph at the top. The hot variety is pictured above.

The packaging for the fresh salsa is the same as that of the 10 oz Marketside Mild Pico De Gallo Salsa item in our February 28 report.

Walmart is in the process of rolling out the new Marketside fresh salsa line to selected Supercenters and Neighborhood Market supermarkets in the U.S. We've been told the line also could be sold in Walmart's discount format stores.

The 18 oz Marketside Fresh Garden Salsa line - like its cousin the 10 oz Pico De Gallo, which in the full line comes in medium and hot varieties in addition to the mild - is targeted to be merchandised in the refrigerated sections in the produce departments in Walmart stores. We suspect it might find its way to the self-serve refrigerated deli sections in some stores as well.

The unit price point for the new Marketside 18 oz Fresh Garden Salsa is about $2.99, depending on the region where a store is in the U.S.

Walmart has posted the new Marketside value-added, packaged fresh produce line (plus the Pico De Gallo Salsa) and the Marketside family-sized entrees from our February 28 story on its fairly recently revamped http://www.marketside.com/ Web site.

However, as of today, the new Marketside Garden Fresh Salsa line - or the ready-to-heat soup line we reported on also on February 28 - isn't included or depicted on the marketside.com site.


Anonymous said...

the 'Marketside' Fresh Garden Salsa is absolutely delicious...FRESH tasting and full of flavor!!!
I have only tried the HOT (made with Habanero peppers) but became instantly addicted. Kudos to Walmart for carrying such a tasty and healthy product.

~Vick in S. Padre Island, Texas

Anonymous said...

Best salsa ever....better than homemade.

Bobbe said...

I have tried several brands of salsa and Marketside Fresh Garden Salsa is,by far, the freshest and most delicious product I have ever tasted.
This is definitely my only choice now.
Thank you.

Bobbe in Clark Fork, Idaho

Anonymous said...

The Marketside salsas are terrific! I especially like the Black Bean and Corn salsa and the mild Fresh Garden salsa. I would buy them by the quart if they were sold that way. I can't get enough of them and my local stores can't keep them in stock. I would love to have the receipe so I could make up about a gallon of each in my kitchen for home parties. They're $3.18 per 18oz tub in Central Florida.