Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Fresh Freebie: Tesco Fresh & Easy Offering Online Coupon Good For Free Reusable Canvas Shopping Tote Bag

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is offering a " exclusive" online coupon good for a free reusable canvas bag with a food and grocery purchase of $10 or more in its stores.

The offering is for a limited time. The coupon expires on March 31.

The online coupon can be downloaded at the link below:

[Link: Coupon for free canvas bag.]

We think using to make surprise promotional offerings like the reusable canvas shopping bag offering is smart. Fresh & Easy needs to keep up this sort of online-gorilla marketing and promotion. This is a good start.

The canvas bag being given away costs only $1.00 everyday. But we think such giveaways still are a good idea since they create excitement and offer shoppers a deal they can choose to take advantage of or not.

Twitter is growing in popularity -- hardly a day goes by without seeing an article about or mention of the social networking site on television.

The micro-blogging site already has 6 million users. Tens of thousands are joining each day. It's what we call a low-cost, high-impact platform -- the only cost of using Twitter for marketing and other forms of communication is a computer, Internet connection, and the labor costs for the person doing the micro-blogging for a given company.

We suggest Tesco's Fresh & Easy use Twitter to make at least one, and even two, offerings each week that are special and exclusive to Twitter. These offerings can be coupons good for items like the free canvas shopping bag, as well as for food and grocery products (hot discounts on the item, "buy-one-get-one-free, ect.), a special "Twitter Sale Price" on a given item or three, good for say three days, and other related special "Twitter" promotions.

The only limitation is common sense and creativity. Change it up each week; create variety and surprise. The canvas bag offering is a good start to what could be a high-impact, low-cost niche marketing tool for Fresh & Easy if used well -- and regularly.

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