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Today We're All Irish - and Green: A Fresh & Easy Buzz Round Up Of St. Patrick's Day 2009

Irish eyes, and most others, are smiling today in the nation's capital as residents of Washington, D.C. and tourists who visit, walk or ride by the White House this St. Patrick's Day are finding that both the north and south lawn fountains are "running green." First Lady Michelle Obama instructed the White House staff to dye the water in the famous fountains green in honor of the Irish and St. Patrick's Day today. According to the First Lady's spokesperson, this is the first time in history the White House fountains have been dyed green (or any color for that matter). For those who doubted the Obama's promise to bring change to the White House, this is just one more example that the President and First Lady meant what they said during the 2008 camapign. [Photo Credit: Ron Edmonds/AP.]

Today, we're all Irish -- and green. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Fresh & Easy Buzz brings you a taste St. Patrick's Day via the media.

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland:

>500000 cheer St. Patrick's parade in Dublin
> Shadows of war dim Irish joy on St. Patrick's Day
>Ireland should look east
>Derry gears up for another superb St Patrick's Day Festival
>Ulster St. Patrick's parade called off
>Bishop prays for peaceful future on St Patrick’s Day
>Happy St. Patrick's Day - a great time to plan a trip to Ireland
>Obama, Cowen praise N. Ireland response to attacks
>10 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland
>Patrick of Ireland: an evangelical hero
>Ireland’s Language Remains on Life-Support
>Simpsons to Debut St. Patty's Day Episode in Ireland

St. Patrick's Day around the world:

>Saint Patrick Bio
>In pictures: St Patrick's Day around the world
>St Patrick's Day Greetings from around the world
>Happy St. Patrick's Day!
>St. Patrick and O'bama, two of Ireland's favorite sons

St. Patrick's Day in America:

>In Recession and War, St. Patrick’s Parade Marches On
>Saluting Irish dog breeds for St. Patrick's Day
>Are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?
>Today at the White House: Spraying o' the green
>Keeping Ireland in their hearts
>"The Simpsons" Air An Irish-Themed Episode In Ireland And The UK Today

From America's top Irish capital cities:

Washington D.C.:

>A bit o' blarney as President O'Bama celebrates St. Patrick's Day
> First Draft: Barack O’Bama’s St. Patrick’s Day
>Obama Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Irish Leaders
>White House Fountain Turns Green For St. Patrick's Day
>White House Fountains Dyed Green
>AIG Ruins Obama's St. Patrick's Day

New York City:

>St. Pat's Parade is Egan's Last Hurrah
>Fighting 69th leads New York's St. Patrick's Day parade
>The 2009 New York Saint Patrick's Day Parade
>Stock Markets Green For St. Patrick's Day
>Quinn to Mark St. Patrick’s Day Elsewhere
>Tips on how to best enjoy St Patricks Day on New York City
>What to do this St. Patrick's Day in NYC
>Gays Rejected from St. Patrick's Day Parade, Again

San Francisco:

>Parade of green celebrates St. Patrick's Day
>Where to go on your St. Patrick's Day pub crawl


>5 Things That are Green on St. Patrick's Day
>Chicago goes green on St. Patrick's Day
>Chicago River turns green for St. Patrick's Day


>Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Boston
>How not to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Boston
>It's not just St. Patrick's Day
>St. Patrick's Day in Boston
>Too late for a parade today? There's always next year
>St. Patrick's Day music in Boston

St. Patrick's Day political appointments:
America's new Ambassador to Ireland: President Obama names Pittsburgh Steelers owner and Irish American as new liason to the Emerald Aisle on St. Paddy's Day:

>Steelers owner Rooney chosen as US ambassador to Ireland
>Steelers chairman Rooney named ambassador to Ireland
>Obama taps Steelers' Rooney as Irish ambassador
>Obama names Steelers owner ambassador to Ireland

St. Patricks Day: Myths, facts, history

>St. Patrick's Day: Myth vs. Fact
>The History of St. Patrick's Day
>St. Patrick's Day: Why do We Celebrate?
>St Patrick's Day: Top 10 facts
>St. Patrick's Day myths and traditions explained for kids

St. Patrick's Day food and drink

>Beyond potatoes: Top 5 underrated Irish foods
>Last minute St. Patrick's Day recipes
>Your St. Patrick's Day feast can last all week
>Irish recipes
>Traditions important to Irish-Americans
>St. Patrick's Day activities, history, and food
>5 Things That are Green on St. Patrick's Day
>Raise Your Green Beer and Give a Cheer for St. Patrick's Day!
>St. Patrick's Day ideas for families
>Mint n'Chip Coffee Irish Cream Float for St. Patrick's Day
>Discounts on St. Patrick’s Day: McDonald’s, mexican food, cheap beer!
>Mickey D's Offering Quarter Pounders For A Quarter
>Irish have a saying about food: 'Fill the belly, soothe the soul'
>St. Patrick's Day: More than Green Beer
>Eat Kale For St. Patrick's Day
>The Noble Writ: Green Wine for St. Patrick's Day?
>Some family's wear it, but this one eats green for St. Pat's
>Stew and stout for St. Patrick's Day
>'Throw me something, Mister' means cabbage on St. Patrick's Day
>Corned beef and cabbage served up for 4-Staters
>The Chef: Corned Beef and Cabbage
>Cabbage, Potato, Rye: Corned-Beef is St. Pat's Star Food
>Meet the kings of corned beef in Detroit
>Enough corned beef to cover St. Patrick’s Day
>St. Patrick's Day: It's not just corned beef
>Recipe: Steamed Corned Beef and Cabbage
>Corned beef and cabbage aren't the only St. Patrick's Day menu stars
>Web tour of Irish food recipes and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

St. Patrick's Day Music:

>Top Ten St. Patrick's Day songs
>The JPP St. Patty's Day Soundtrack
>A St. Patrick's Day Playlist For You

St. Patrick's Day and sports:

> St. Patrick's Day is spring training's big holiday
>A shameless plug for Irish golf on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in the Tesco Fresh & Easy market regions:

Southern California:

>Roundup: St. Patrick’s Day in Tokyo; Best Los Angeles St. Patrick ...
>St Patricks Day Parade, Starring You
>LA to mark St. Paddy's Day with splash of green
>32nd annual St. Patrick's Day Parade brings green to downtown ...
>Los Angeles priest celebrates St. Patrick's Day and 90th birthday ...
>"Father Dollar Bill" to Hand Out $15000 on Skid Row
>Priest celebrates by giving cash to homeless
>Murphys rings in St. Patrick's Day with green wine
>Economy trips up municipal parades
>Obama to visit LA-area, Leno
>Shamrocks: Beware of too much good luck!


>Green meets blue at Sedona’s 39th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade
>AZ Cardinals to appear at Sedona St. Patrick’s Parade & Festival ...
>St. Patrick's Day Parade
>Dubliner is Valley's oldest Irish pub
>St. Patrick's Day bar events
>Let's Celebrate Arizona's Irish Music
>Celebrating March Flower Power and St. Patrick's Day
>Check out these St. Patrick's Day events


>St. Patrick’s Day in Vegas starts off green
>St. Patrick's Day in Las Vegas...Guestlists, Nightclubs, Bar Guide ...
>St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Party Guide
> Best Hotels for St. Patrick's Day
>Celebrating St. Paddy's For More Than One Day
>St. Patrick's Day activities
>Zeke's Las Vegas Travel Blog
>Party guide to St. Patrick’s Day
>Go green on March 17

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