Thursday, February 7, 2008

Southern California Real Estate Industry Researcher Likes Fresh & Easy

tgalvin, a real estate economics researcher and publisher of the Inland Empire Economics blog, toured the huge Tesco Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market distribution center in Riverside,(Southern) California on Tuesday, February 5 and likes what he saw. tgalvin also has visited a number of Fresh & Easy stores in Southern California, and likes the stores and the format as well.

Writing in his blog on Tuesday, tgalvin says he thinks Fresh & Easy will "kill" Trader Joe's in terms of its business model and store format. He was once a big TJ's fan he says, but has soured on the retailer.

tgalvin also was very impressed with the 800,000-plus square foot Fresh & Easy distribution
center in Riverside County, in Southern California's Inland Empire region.

Read what tgalvin has to say--his analysis and opinion on the Fresh & Easy venture, the stores, the distribution center, the competition and related issues--in his Tuesday piece in his Inland Empire Economics blog. Click here to read the story.

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