Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fresh & Easy Creates Valentine's Day Meal-Solution Promo in its Latest Advertising Circular

We like what Tesco's Fresh & Easy has done with its latest mass-mailed advertising circular pictured above. It's smart marketing. The retailer has created a simple, upscale, yet reasonably priced Valentine's Day meal solution promotion right on the front cover of the flyer. Excellent art work as well.

The just-out meal-solution promotion features filet mignon steak, Fresh & Easy brand easy-to-prepare Three Cheese Risotto, it's own brand Wild Rocket gourmet Salad Mix, and its Chocolate Sin Chocolate Cheescake.

This dinner for two--it could easily feed four--costs just $20.60 That's a little over $10.00 per-person for two, and a meger $5.15 for four. Based on one pound of filet mignon, each person in a party of four could get a quarter pound of beef and all the salad and rissoto they want, plus desert. As a dinner for two, there will even be leftovers for the next day. At this low overall price for the gourmet dinner ($20.60) , you can still buy a premium bottle of champagne, a dozen long-stemmed red roses and a box of gourmet chocolates and still get off cheap, while having a gourmet V-Day. (We would even splurge and get some fresh lobster.)

Even better than the reasonable prices however, we like the meal-solution marketing aspect. While the concept is hardly new, few retailers do it enough, especially for key holidays like Valentine's day. With fewer and fewer people cooking these days, all consumers need do is look at the front page of the advertising flyer and their holiday dinner is "there" for them. Cross-merchandising in-store adds to the ease for shoppers too, as well as adding sales for the store. (Note to F&E, if not yet doing so we suggest a cross-merchandised display in the stores.)

We also give Fresh & Easy bonus points on the quality of the food arranging in the ad and for the text, which is brief, clear and on-message.

To view a large-scale version of the advertisement just click here.

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