Thursday, February 7, 2008

Orange County's 'Fast Food Maven' Takes a Poll on Fresh & Easy in Southern California

Nancy Luna, who is a staff food writer as well as the 'Fast Food Maven' blogger for the Orange County Register newspaper in Orange County, California, reported in a February 4, 2008 blog piece that a new Fresh & Easy store will open on February 13 in the Orange County, Southern California city of La Habra.

As of today, there are 40 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood market stores open and operating in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

Luna, who regularly shops at her local Fresh & Easy grocery market in the city of Orange, also reported in the piece that one of the reasons she likes shopping regularly in the store is because every time she's there she is nearly alone, and gets in and gets out fast. Good news for her in terms of service, bad news for Fresh & Easy in terms of sales.

This regular experience led Luna to run a survey/poll in her 'Fast Food Maven' blog piece asking her readers for their opinion on whether or not Fresh & Easy has lived up to its "hype" to date.

Poll question: Has Fresh & Easy lived up to all the hype?
Poll responses: (323 votes to date):
>Yes, I love it = 138
>No, I'm disappointed = 59
>It's just ok = 109
>I don't food shop = 17

There also are 30 written comments, ranging from multi-paragraphs to a few sentences, from poll-takers and readers regarding their opinions of Fresh & Easy stores. The responses offer a nice cross-section of consumer opinion on the stores. Read Luna's piece and the comments to her poll question here.

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