Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Retail Marketing and Public Relations Memo to Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Management from Natural~Specialty Foods Memo

The food and grocery industry publication Natural~Specialty Foods Memo has a 'Retail Marketing and Public Relations Memo' to Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market senior management in today's issue.

The "memo," titled: "Retail Marketing and Public Relations Memo: What Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Should Be Doing Now," talks about the current new store opening "pause" which we reported here on Saturday.

In the piece, the publication discusses the marketing, public relations and overall implications of the announcement as part of an total retail strategy. The piece also suggests Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market should have prepared for the mostly negative press reports which started coming out yesterday and today in numerous U.S. newspaper business sections, such as the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press news service and others.

Natural~Specialty Foods Memo offers Fresh & Easy a strategic blueprint of how it could have prepared a strategic operations and media marketing strategy before posting the "pause" announcement in its corporate blog, including suggestions for how to not only deal with but also get on top of the news cycle. The piece also says any marketing and public relations strategy must be real and integrated with overall operations.

In fact, the marketing and public relations strategies would be good for Fresh & Easy anytime. But they are especially important now, as it appears to us the retailer wasn't prepared for the mostly negative media coverage it's getting over the new store opening moratorium, along with the reports from analysts like us and others about the small-format, convenience-oriented grocery stores' sales underperformance to date, which these newspaper business section reporters and editors are including in their stories.

Lastly, the piece says "it's not too late" for Tesco to employ these strategies, if "Fresh & Easy senior management can be a fast-moving and nimble team."

Read the 'Retail Marketing and Public Relations Memo' to Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market from Natural~Specialty Foods Memo here.

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Erpog said...

I guess this is F/EZ's Important communication to offset their OPPS....

Fresh & Easy's Revolutionary UV Ray Sanitation Method Reduces Impact on Environment

Grocer Uses One-of-a-Kind UV Surface Disinfection Machine

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April, 3, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh & Easy
Neighborhood Market is using a custom-built, one-of-a kind ultraviolet
sanitizing machine to clean and reuse its shipping and display packaging.
This innovative technology continues to significantly reduce the company's
carbon emissions, use of petroleum, and landfill waste.

As part of the company's commitment to reuse or recycle all packaging
and display materials, display packaging is transported from stores after
use to Fresh & Easy's distribution center. The plastic packaging is sent
through the UV machine which disinfects and sanitizes before reuse. The
machine was engineered and built by UV Doctor, a company which specializes
in UV light technologies. The UV sanitation process is more environmentally
friendly and an equally effective alternative to typical chemical cleaning

To date, 192.5 tons of Fresh & Easy's display packaging has been reused
or recycled and diverted from landfills. It is also estimated 111,450
pounds of CO2 were not released into the atmosphere by trucks transporting
waste to landfills because they were reused or recycled by Fresh & Easy.

"Reducing the amount of landfill waste we produce is an important
objective for Fresh & Easy," said CEO Tim Mason. "It is essential for us to
use new technologies and try new techniques to reduce our impact on the
environment. The ultraviolet light machine at our distribution center is
another way we are being thoughtful in what we do here at Fresh & Easy."

Fresh & Easy has committed to build LEED (Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design) certified buildings, and voluntarily joined the
California Climate Action Registry to disclose its greenhouse gas
emissions. The company also invested in one of California's largest solar
roof installations on its distribution center in Riverside.

More information regarding Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market can be
found at

SOURCE Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market