Thursday, April 17, 2008

Earth Day 2008: Earth Day 2008 Logo Designed By Adrienne Lay

The Earth Day 2008 logo above, which we will be using in our Earth Day 2008 series, was designed for Earth Day by Adrienne Lay.

Ms. Lay was chosen to design the logo and related graphic designs for this year's Earth Day campaign by the Earth Day 2008 campaign committee.

Adrienne Lay is a woman's, children's and men's clothing designer. Her clothing and related designs focus on positive statements and graphics for children, the environment and improving the future of the globe and the people (us) who inhabit it.

Ms. Lay's popular design slogan is: "THINK FEEL ACT CHANGE."

Other design brands she uses are, "Protect My Playground" and "Be the Global Change."

She says her goal for creating and using these positive, motivational statements is to enable positive results for the world.

Ms. Lay says her inspiration comes from her desire for her family and friends to live in a healthy, safe and harmonious environment. That's a sentiment most of us certainly can share.

In addition to her career as a graphic designer and woman's, children's and men's clothing designer, Adrienne Lay is an occupational therapist, as well as being the owner of the website, where you can view her clothing designs.

She has a BA degree in Psychology and also is a certified life care planner. Ms. Lay, who lives in St. Barnard Parish, Louisiana USA, is along with her husband the proud parent of two twin boys, who she calls her greatest creations.

We thank Adrienne Lay for the use of the Earth Day 2008 logo.

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