Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Big Tesco PLC (and Fresh & Easy) Day

Today's been a big Tesco PLC and Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA day, with the world's third largest retailer releasing its fiscal year sales report this morning.

Tesco also spoke out on its Fresh & Easy small-format, convenience-oriented basic grocery and fresh foods store grocery retailing venture today in the most direct and comprehensive manner--including having CEO Sir Terry Leahy speak out specifically on Fresh & Easy directly in a webcast video which is linked in a piece we published earlier today--since the first stores opened in November, 2007.

Sure, there was a requisite amount of spin. But that doesn't bother us--we've spun once or twice ourselves. What's key is that Tesco spoke with authority on the Fresh & Easy USA venture.

We suggest Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA CEO Tim Mason consider taking a leaf from his boss (the vocal) Sir Terry Leahy's playbook and speak out more on a public basis in the Western USA where Tesco has its current 61 stores. A little higher profile would help both Mason and the Fresh & Easy brand and operations.

We hope you take the time and read through our coverage today. It includes numerous reports and stories from other publications, along with our own reportage, an analysis piece and other features from Fresh & Easy Buzz.

We will be covering, analyzing and writing about Tesco PLC's sales and profit report from a number of different angles again tomorrow.

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