Friday, April 18, 2008

Produce Industry Trade Pub The Packer's Fresh Talk Blog Survey: Majority Say Fresh & Easy Will Eventually Succeed in U.S.

The produce industry trade publication The Packer's Fresh Talk Blog written by national editor Tom Karst ran a poll of its readers last week which asked the question: "Will Tesco's Fresh & Easy format be an eventual success in the U.S.?"

The results of The Packer's Fresh Talk Blog poll are below:

Yes: 45% (14 respondents)
No: 29% (9 respondents)
To Early to Say: (8 respondents)

While a total of 31 respondents to a poll does not a random sample make, we think the poll still is a good snapshot in time of what those respondents think regarding Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's format and stores.

Additionally, since the vast majority of The Packer's (and the blogs) readers are in the fresh produce industry, we think the poll results provide some insight into what people in that industry are thinking vis-a-vis Fresh & Easy's ability to eventually become a successful format and grocery retailing chain in the USA.

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