Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oakmonster and 'The Temple of Fresh & Easy' Blog

We know the blogger as Oakmonster from her comments to posts here on Fresh & Easy Buzz.

After reading our piece published yesterday, "America's 'New Cult Retailer': Three Questions For Executive Research Limited About It's Interview Study of Tesco's Fresh & Easy Store Customers," Oakmonster--who describes herself as an aspiring cook, growing foodie and living room rock star--told us about her blog, "The Temple of Fresh & Easy," which she recently started.

The Southern California-based blogger says she loves Fresh & Easy and is converting others to her cause when she can.

Oakmonster says she is one of a small number of consumers she knows and talks with--like the lady on the bus here--who like Fresh & Easy because unlike the lady on the bus who likes product variety and non-self-service checkout in her grocery stores, Oakmonster prefers the opposite.

"I don't want that much variety because I don't want to spend an hour in there wading through stuff I don't need. I'm not stuck on brand to begin with. The less variety the better," Oakmonster says.

She also likes the self-service checkout as part of the "less frills" Fresh & Easy grocery store shopping experience and the "getting in and out fast" convenience.

"If you value your time and money, if you're an adventurous consumer, and if you hate everything the normal grocery store stands for," Oakmonster says she recommends to others shopping at Fresh & Easy like she does.


Anonymous said...

I understand appreciating scanning your own groceries and the automated pay-in system, but how can anyone like bagging their own groceries is beyond me. Food4Less does the same thing as a cost-saving measure.

On the other hand, Food4Less at least has someone scanning stuff in so I can go do my own bagging. Just don't make me do double duty.

OakMonster said...

Oh wow. Thanks for the post, FEB. It's an honor.

As to the whole bagging your own grocery comment, I don't mind that at all. It's just putting what you just grab in a bag. Simple stuff. Like pumping your own gas.

But like an article on the actual F&E blog mentioned, you CAN ask the attendant to help you bag and/or check out. They WILL help you.