Monday, May 17, 2010

A Celebrity Endorsement For New York Grocery Chain Wegmans That's as Good as Mom's Apple Pie

Late last week actor Alec Baldwin appeared on David Letterman's late night talk program, "The Late Show."

During Baldwin's spot on the show Letterman asked the popular actor about his mother, who recently celebrated her 80th birthday. Baldwin talked at length with Letterman about his mom, who lives in upstate New York.

In addition to detailing what he says are his mom's secrets to longevity, which are well worth hearing because they're not only funny but very politically incorrect in today's health and nutrition-conscious environment, Alec Baldwin told Letterman why, despite his encouragement, his 80-year old mom just won't leave the cold winters of upstate New York for sunny California, where two of his actor-brothers live.

Hint: Her reason for not leaving involves the upstate New York-based Wegmans grocery chain. It's a money can't buy celebrity endorsement for Wegmans.

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