Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Post (or Date) at the Fresh & Easy Corporate Blog

When we wrote our piece here (see below) yesterday about the state of the Fresh & Easy corporate blog, the post currently dated Sunday, January 20, 2008 was dated December 14, 2007, along with the piece currently under that date on the blog. (Click here to view the F&E blog

We checked the F&E corporate blog four times yesterday: just seconds before we started writing our story, once we finished writing our story, right before we posted it, and about three hours later on Monday evening. All four times the current post dated January 20 was dated December 14, 2007.

Sounds like Gremlins in the system, date changers (similar to shape shifters we're told) or something similar we suspect. A bit mysterious though.

In any event, we're just glad to see a new post on the blog. We harbor no illusions we had anything to do with the date change. Great pictures of the prepared foods items in the blog post as well!

Now, it would be nice if someone at the blog would answer those three reader questions in the comments box on the December 14, 2007 post. One reader actually has offered his answer to one of the questions. All three are good questions, and it would be nice to read F&E's answers to them.

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Robyn said...

I don't know why they have the comments on. They never respond to questions!