Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not Just A 'Flash in the Pan': Tesco's New Brand of the Same Name With Potential 'Fresh & Easy Twist' Hitting United Kingdom Store Shelves

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Yesterday we reported Tesco is launching a new brand - "Tesco Flash in the Pan - in its United Kingdom stores.

The first range (line in U.S. food retailing terminology) of items in the product brand are six SKUs of refrigerated ready-meals that take just five minutes to prepare on the stove top.

As we detailed in our story yesterday, Tesco's new brand may become much more than a one nation (UK) "flash in the pan," since the global retailer, which owns 176-store (California, Nevada and Arizona) Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, has registered with the U.S. Federal Government for a trademark for the brand name "Flash in the Pan."

You can read all the details about the brand launch in the UK and about the trademark registration in the U.S. below on the blog or here - July 6, 2011: Tesco Launches New 'Flash in the Pan' Brand Ready Meals in UK Stores; Files Brand Trademark in U.S. Also see the related June 26 and 27, 2011 stories linked at the end.

The "Tesco Flash in the Pan" ready meals are hitting the shelves in Tesco's United Kingdom stores this week, as we reported in our July 6 story.

As we noted yesterday, the brand and product introduction started as a soft launch, but according to our source, who's in a good position to know, the retailer is now slotting the new brand and items in all its stores, starting today. It's probably, the source says, that "Flash in the Pan" could be in the refrigerated, fresh-prepared foods cases in all of Tesco's UK stores by the end of this week.

The photograph above of the six SKUs of ready-meals was taken by a United Kingdom-based Fresh & Easy Buzz correspondent today at a Tesco Extra format store, proving neither the new brand from Tesco or our story yesterday are merely a "flash in the pan."

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