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Tesco Introduces First Items in Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market-Developed 'Tesco goodness for kids' Brand in United Kingdom Stores

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Yesterday we broke the news United Kingdom-based Tesco is importing the "goodness for kids" private brand from its El Segundo, California-based Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market chain to its stores in the UK - with a "Tesco" twist: The brand is called "Tesco goodness for kids," rather that "fresh&easy goodness for kids."

Read our detailed piece here - June 26, 2011: Tesco Bringing Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's 'goodness for kids' Brand to the UK - With a 'Tesco' Twist

Today in our reporting we discovered Tesco has launched the first line of products - value-added bagged fresh produce items - in its UK stores and on its grocery home delivery site under its new, Fresh & Easy-originated "Tesco goodness for kids" private brand.

The first products under the brand are six SKUs "Tesco goodness for kids" bagged, value-added fresh produce items, including: apple snack pack, pineapple fingers, melon and grape snack Pack, and apple and grape snack pack, along with the other SKUs shown here. There are also "organic fun-sized bananas" under the new Tesco private brand for kids.

Additionally, Bryan Roberts, director of retail insights for Kantar Retail EMEA in the UK, did a store check today for Fresh & Easy Buzz and his firm and spotted some of the bagged "Tesco goodness for kids" value-added produce items, which have replaced similar "Disney" brand items, in a Tesco store in London.

Robert's, who lives across the pond in the UK, photographed one of the SKUs he saw in the Tesco store - the "Tesco goodness for kids fun-size organic bananas" (pictured above),  for Fresh & Easy Buzz and his employer.

Tesco UK will soon be introducing the range of fresh-prepared kids' meals under its "Tesco goodness for kids" brand, according to our sources at the retailer. Tesco is selling out its remaining stock of "Disney" brand meals first.

Additionally, look for Tesco to introduce other items in other categories, such as shelf-stable fruit drinks and various packaged food items, under the "goodness for kids" brand, which was created by the new product development and category management teams at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market in Southern California.

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, which operates 176 stores in California (127 units), Arizona (28) and Nevada (21), introduced its "fresh&easy goodness for kids" brand in late summer 2009. In an August 29, 2010 story (the last story link below), we broke the news about Fresh & Easy's redesign of the "goodness" packaging and its launching of numerous ne items under the kid-friendly brand.

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