Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fresh & Easy Director of Real Estate Charges 'Breach' Over Commercial Real Estate Agent's E-Mail; Agent Fires Back

Southern California-based commercial real estate professional Chris Rodriguez publishes the Retail Chatr Commercial Real Estate Blog, which is read regularly by his commercial real estate industry colleagues in California and throughout the U.S.

Mr. Rodriguez has worked on a few deals over the last few years involving commercial property leases and related transactions involving Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, which is based in the Southern California city of El Segundo.

Chris Rodriguez has also written generally about Fresh & Easy in the past in his Blog.

But yesterday he wrote a post titled: "Fresh & Easy Real Estate Director Making Empty Threats" that's about as first-person of a post as a scribe can write.

In the post Chris Rodriguez publishes an e-mail he received from Fresh & Easy director of real estate Tom Scorer regarding a real estate lease transaction involving Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market that the commercial real estate agent had just completed.

Here's what Mr. Rodriguez writes in the opening paragraph of his post yesterday (January 19, 2010):

"I just had to post this. I just closed a Fresh & Easy ground lease that was purchased by Fresh & Easy on 12/31/09. Earlier today, we sent out an email blast announcing the sale of the property. I received the following email (with his attorney cc’d as well) from UK transplant Tom Scorer, Real Estate Director for Fresh & Easy at 3:25 PM this afternoon."

Will will let the rest of Chris Rodriguez's story in his Retail Chatr Commercial Real Estate Blog speak for itself - and let him speak for himself since he is the author of it.

Click here to read the full post: The e-mail to Chris Rodriguez from Tesco Fresh & Easy's director of real estate, along with the email response Mr. Rodriguez returned to him, plus some commentary on the topic from Chris Rodriguez.

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