Friday, December 2, 2011

The 'Earth Fairy' Arrives at Earth Fare to Spread Some Down-to-Earth Holiday Cheer

Meet the Earth Fairy! (teaser) from Earth Fare on Vimeo.

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There's arguably no grocer that's better at using video technology and social media to help tell its story, build its brand and promote its stores than North Carolina-based healthy, natural and organic foods-focused supermarket chain Earth Fare, which has 28 stores in North Carolina (9 units), South Carolina (4), Alabama (4), Tennessee (4), Ohio (4), Georgia (2) and Florida (1).

This week Earth Fare launched a new video to introduce the arrival of the Earth Fairy, who also debuted her own Twitter feed today, @TheEarthFairy, where she plans to bring holiday deals, freebies, tips and more to shoppers via the popular social media site.

The video (posted at top) introducing The Earth Fairy is actually a teaser for her upcoming music video titled: "Did You Get What I Got," which breaks December 12, 2012.

Earth Fare says its Earth Fairy holiday goodies maven will be visiting each of its stores, from Monday, December 5 to December 12, bringing those holiday deals, freebies, tips and cheer to shoppers in-person.

We're wondering if Jack is excited to be sharing the video limelight with the Earth Fairy for the December holiday season. Jack (Murphy) is the CEO of Earth Fare and the star of an ongoing series of videos produced by the grocery chain, like the two spots he was featured in here and here in November for Thanksgiving. In the videos the CEO always goes by just plain old Jack.

Jack's been mum so far. But the Earth Fairy just arrived. Therefore, we suspect he may be weighing in with a new Christmas holiday season video soon, perhaps even mentioning the Earth Fairy and her arrival at the fast-growing, down-to-earth natural and organic foods supermarket chain he runs.

Meanwhile, the Earth Fairy is yet another example of Earth Fare's creative use of inexpensive video technology to create excitement among shoppers, help build its brand and promote its stores, in this case for the December holiday season, along with using social media - allowing the Earth Fairy to create her very own Twitter feed - as part of the marketing process and program.

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1 comment:

jack said...

This Is Jack (Murphy) not staying mum. We at Earhtfare are all about fun family and friends. Having fun at the holidays is what it is all about for us at Earthfare.
We want everyone to enjoy the holidays and the stuff that theEarth Fairy will be giving to our customers.
Make sure to visit Earthfare and meet the Earth Fairy it will be FUN!
Happy Holidays and let the Good Times Roll !!!