Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gluten-Free at Fresh & Easy For Celiac Disease Awareness Month

The Celiac Disease Foundation has chosen this month as Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and throughout May is doing a variety of things to shine a spotlight on the condition in which people who suffer from it are unable to tolerate gluten and therefore should avoid any and all foods that contain it

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. People with Celiac Disease are intolerant to gluten and must remove it from their diets. It's estimated that in the United States about one in seven people are gluten-intolerant. Celiac Disease affects over 3 million Americans, according to research reports.

You can learn more about the condition and Celiac Disease Awareness Month at the foundation's website here.

Tesco's Fresh  Easy Neighborhood Market is taking positive advantage of May being Celiac Disease Awareness Month to announce it's added 15-30 new food items without naturally-occurring gluten ingredients to its stores.

In the announcement, which you can read here, Fresh & Easy also said it's "creating additional displays" to highlight the range of gluten-free products, which it says equal 500-plus SKUs, in its 175 fresh food and grocery stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Tesco' Fresh & Easy, as are a number of other food and grocery retailers, has partnered with the Celiac Disease Foundation to help the organization shine that spotlight on the condition and how living a gluten-free lifestyle can improve it.

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market offers a guide, which you can view here, to the products it offer in its stores that are gluten-free.

The grocer also identifies its gluten-free offerings in the stores with the shelf-talker sign pictured at the top.

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