Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UFCW Union Pickets Out in Force This Morning At Manhattan Beach Fresh & Easy Store Grand Opening

In this piece on Monday, June 30, "Breaking News: UFCW Union Launches Preemptive Anti-Tesco Fresh & Easy Brochure Distribution Drop on the Eve of Manhattan Beach Store Grand Opening," Fresh & Easy Buzz reported the UFCW union had launched a preemptive anti-Tesco Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market brochure distribution blitz in the neighborhood where the new Manhattan Beach Tesco Fresh & Easy grocery store in Southern California opened this morning, on the eve of the store's grand opening celebration.

In the story, we also reported the UFCW union would have representatives and pickets out in force this morning at the grand opening of the store at 1700 Rosecrans in Manhattan Beach, which was attended by Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market CEO Tim Mason and nearly every senior executive of the company, along with the mayor of Manhattan Beach (who helped Mr. Mason cut the grand opening ribbon), and numerous other dignitaries.

Well, the UFCW representatives we out in force early this morning, and remained in front of the store until the grand opening festivities ended; staying even a bit later after that in fact.

As you can see in the photograph at the top, the UFCW union folks picketing in front of the store this morning are carrying large green signs which read: "Don't be Fooled by Tesco's Fresh & Easy, which is the same headline used on the brochures. Below that is the listing for the unions Fresh and Easy Facts campaign website, which also appears on the brochures. [Note to the UFCW graphics department: white lettering on that particular color green background doesn't have the best visibility.] [Readers Note: If you click on the photograph at top to enlarge it, you can read the letters on the signs much better.]

[Photo Credit: Lindsay William-Ross/LAist blog.]

You can view a slideshow from today's Fresh & Easy Manhattan Beach store grand opening here, along with reporting on the event by the LAist blog. You also can read this piece published earlier today in Fresh & Easy Buzz about the Fresh & Easy store grand opening this morning.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say the white-on-green sign lettering was inherently unreadable--in that photo they happened to be holding their signs directly into the path of the sun. It was really bright out in that parking lot yesterday morning!

Thanks for using the pic and linking to LAist. It was a fun event and I'm glad I got to go.