Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fresh & Easy Buzz in the News: Numerous Publications Quoting Fresh & Easy Buzz July, 2008 Reports and Stories

A number of consumer, business and industry trade publications have recently picked up reports and stories from Fresh & Easy Buzz which were published in the blog this month (July, 2008).

Below are a few of those publications:

The London Telegraph Newspaper ran a story on July 29 based on our report about the Tesco Fresh & Easy grocery store to be built in Fresno, California being the first store in the chain (currently 67 stores) to incorporate local, community and neighborhood design elements in its design. The story quotes Fresh & Easy Buzz as first reporting the news. Read the London Telegraph story here. Our story from July 23: Fresno, California Fresh & Easy Grocery Store to Be First in Chain to Include Local, Community and Neighborhood Design Elements and Features

The popular online publication (Los ran a story on July 15 titled "The Fresh & Easy Law," sighting Fresh & Easy Buzz's report on the proposed California legislation that would ban grocery stores offering self-service checkout lanes only from selling alcohol unless such stores added at least one full-service checkout lane in each store. Read the July 15 piece here. Our story from July 14: Breaking News & Analysis: CA Assemblyman Introduces 'Tesco Fresh & Easy Law' to Ban Stores With Self-Checkout-Only From Selling Alcoholic Beverages

On July 19, the food and grocery industry blog Natural~Specialty Foods Memo also ran an item about our report on the proposed California law to ban grocery stores which only offer self-service checkout, like Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market does, from selling alcoholic beverages unless those stores add at least one full-service checkout land in each store. Read the July 19 item from Natural~Specialty Foods Memo here: Will Tesco's Fresh & Easy feel the no-booze sales blues?

The Orange County (Southern California) Register newspaper's 'Fast Food Maven' blog, which is written by business section reporter Nancy Luna, also linked to Fresh & Easy Buzz's report on the proposed California self-service checkout-alcohol sales ban legislation. The link is under "Related Stories" here.

The online publication Pacifica Riptide ran a piece on July 16 about our report that Tesco applied for a liquor license and plans to open a Fresh & Easy grocery store in the San Francisco Bay Area coastal city of Pacifica, which is located just a few miles from San Francisco. You can read the report from the Pacifica Riptide here. Our June 24 Pacifica, California story: Upcoming New Markets News: Tesco to Locate Yet Another Fresh & Easy Store in San Francisco Bay Area; 21 Thus Far By Fresh & Easy Buzz's Reporting

We thank the Fresh & Easy Buzz readers who sent us these links. It's much appreciated. If you see Fresh & Easy Buzz mentioned or quoted in the "news," feel free to email us the link at

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