Monday, July 21, 2008

UK Daily Mail: When Tesco's Loyalty ClubCard Program Goes Astray; A United Kingdom Woman Believes Her Boyfriend Has Done the Same

Condom confusion: Lynn Newby and her partner of four years Andy Allott almost split up over Tesco's mistake

From: Daily Mail Online--United Kingdom

Woman wrongly accused boyfriend of having affair after Tesco added condoms to their online shopping list
July 21, 2008

When Lynn Newby logged on to her online Tesco account she was horrified to discover her ClubCard had been used to purchase a pack of 12 condoms.

[United Kingdom-based Tesco is the parent company of Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA.]

Believing the only logical explanation to be that her partner was having an affair, devastated Lynn confronted Andy Allott and prepared to cancel a dream holiday to Mexico and end their four-year relationship.

She accused Andy of having a secret fling and refused to believe his denial, claiming the evidence was on screen in black and white.

The box of 12 Mates condoms had shown up at the top of a list of Lynn's recent purchases made with the supermarket chain's loyalty card.

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