Friday, February 15, 2008

The Perishable Pundit Gets a Missive From A Man Who Comes Back From Out of the Cold of the Tesco Battles; The Pundit Provides A Case Analysis

Jim Prevor, who writes and publishes the food and grocery industry online publication the 'Perishable Pundit," recently recieved an email missive from a food industry operative who's sold to and dealt with Tesco across the pond in the UK for many years. The missive from the industry veteran, who's now decided to come back out of the cold--although his name is protected for obvious reasons--addresses what he sees as Tesco's shortcomings, which he thinks could lead to failure for its Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA venture.

Using this piece of British intellegence as source material, the Perishable Pundit assumes the position of intellegence analyst, and combines this new data with other data he previous has assembled on Tesco's Fresh & Easy small-format grocery store venture in the U.S., and offers a brief titled: "British Intellegence on Tesco: Three areas of Concern," on his website today.

Read Jim Prevor's analytical piece here.

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